Our aim is to provide a service tailored to your needs - we understand that your plans will not necessarily fit with pre-scheduled services offered by many pet transporters.

By road... We can help you to plan a personalised relocation whereby the timing of the trip is tailored to your requirements. Your pet will be our only passenger and this service is door to door. Alternatively, for pets coming into the UK from Europe, you may, if you wish, collect him or her from us at one of the Channel ports or the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone, Kent and naturally the same service is available in the opposite direction. We are located just a few minutes drive from the terminal and can offer a very quick, cost effective turn-around service, collecting your pet from the terminal for onward travel to destination.

You may wish to opt for a scheduled trip which offers a more cost effective option if you are able to be flexible on travel dates. The service is still door to door but your pet will be travelling with other animals. We should point out that this type of service may be infrequent for a few reasons; we do not feel it appropriate that our passengers travel excess miles whilst we collect/deliver other pets and generally speaking we feel that cats are far happier when travelling without a dog in close proximity - and occasionally vice versa! Unlike many other pet transporters, we never carry more than two pets per trip unless of course they are from the same household.

By air... Although pets may be transported as excess baggage by a limited number of airlines, none allow pets to enter the UK in this manner. A good, workable solution is for your pet to travel by air, accompanied in the cabin, landing at Paris or Brussels airports for collection and onward travel to the UK by road - of course trips in the opposite direction are also available. We offer a range of tailored services where air travel is being used, including worldwide pet accompanied flights with suitable airlines. Where distance dictates travel by air, our personal experience is to never allow pets to travel as cargo within the hold unless there is no available alternative. Aside from being immensely stressful it is also prohibitively expensive.